Connie’s Curly Carrots

Children love being adventurous with their food and something as fun as spiralising will encourage them to eat more vegetables.

Try this recipe for a new and surprising taste.


1 large raw carrot
1 courgette
1 cup of natural live yoghurt or coconut yoghurt
Juice of 1 lemon
1 tsp ground turmeric
Olive oil
Pinch pink Himalayan salt
Options: Sprinkle of pumpkin seeds

Use a spiraliser to process the carrot and courgette into spaghetti ribbons.
Place yoghurt into bowel and add the lemon juice, big splash of olive oil, turmeric and pink salt. Mix it together into a dressing. Add to the vegetable ribbons, and mix in.

A fresh summer salad that goes with anything.

Spiralisers come in all shapes and sizes and are very easy to use.



Shortlisted – Best 5+ Book

Delighted to announce that my children’s healthy eating books have been shortlisted for the Junior Magazine Best Book 5+ Design Awards.

My NutriKids books have been lovingly crafted to really appeal to children with characters that could be their friends. The situations are designed especially to allow the children to put themselves into the character’s shoes, which helps them to understand and learn about the health benefits of each food and how it could support their own health. If it’s good for Connie Carrot, it must be good for them.

I based the series on my own personal experiences as a parent, combining my nutritional expertise with simple stories that I knew my own two children could relate to. Each book focuses on one food and it’s healthy benefits, including an engaging story, nutrition facts, deliciously simple recipes, and a “Grow Your Own” page that encourages families to grow their own fruit and vegetables together.

Teaching children how to eat healthily is a gift for life. I created NutriKids books to help parents, teachers and guardians to not only get children to eat and enjoy vegetables and fruit, but also to help children understand why these foods are so important.

The NutriKids series currently consists of six books and includes the following characters; Ava Avacado, Benjamin Broccoli, Billy Blueberry, Connie Carrot, Penelope Pea, Sammy Spinach. Please have a look at my website for more info: